We are hosting a CoZzzy Comfy Bed Sheet Fundraiser through July 31 to support SEVA GRREAT. Please consider purchasing these incredibly soft sheets to support us. We've already had a board member purchase a set and she reported back that they are soft and cool and wonderful for summer heat! In addition to earnings from the sheets sales, if we get 50 shares and sell 50 sets of sheets, CoZzzy Comfy will give us bonus money. 

Will you buy some sheets to support us? If so, please...go to www.cozzzycomfy.com/online-store to PURCHASE A SET OF SHEETS AND SHARE, SHARE, SHARE.

Please select “DIRECT SHIPPING” at checkout.  -- Use Promo Code:  "SEVA GRREAT 1 - 2020"
Also, please forward this information to your friends and go to our Facebook page and like/comment/share our post.