Foster Dog:  Rainbow aka "Bowie"

***Golden from Turkey – adjusted adoption fee

Foster Dog Location (city): Maidens, VA 23102

Gender: female

Age: 5

Spayed/Neutered: yes

Health concerns: 

ear & pad infections cleared. Will need a stool recheck the week of 12/18 to ensure she is free of worms

General Activity Level:  

medium to high-needs lots of regular exercise

Interaction with dogs:  

very social at the dog park, tends to be the alpha female in her own backyard when other dogs come to visit. 

Interaction with cats: 

Unknown but definitely would not recommend due to a very strong prey drive!

Interaction with children: 

not recommended for young or small children as she can be too exuberant and knock them over. 

Physical fence required? 

Absolutely! She is fast, athletic and a problem-solver. A secure, 5-foot fence or higher is recommended until she is more reliable with commands 

Suitable for an invisible fence? Not at this time 

How many hours are they able to be left alone? 

During the day she gets frequent breaks every couple hours for the exercise, but easily goes all night 10p-6a without any issues. 

Able to climb stairs? Yes

In need of obedience training? Absolutely

Personality and additional information:

 Bowie is a sweet, spunky girl who will need an experienced owner to handle her 60# ball of energy. She loves to hike and is working on leash manners and other commands, but can be quite stubborn when she wants something. She would do well with another dog of same age and energy who likes to play-wrestle and can show her the household routine. Our 13yo foster tolerates her but doesn't appreciate her zest for newfound freedom when it includes jumping on or diving under him! Having survived on the streets, she is very independent and strong-willed. With time, training, love and security, she will blossom into a wonderful family member. 

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