Just below the main header and menu bar on the front page of our www.adoptagolden.com website, you will typically see a banner for Amazon Shopping (along with a couple of advertisements for what they have on special). If you click this banner, you will be taken directly to the www.amazon.com site. From there, you can log into your account and shop for anything you were planning to buy from Amazon. Depending on volume of sales, that one additional click sends SEVA GRREAT 4-6% of your purchase price. Just one additional click! Not only you, but any friend or family member can help us too. As an Amazon Associate our rescue earns money from qualifying purchases. In case you were wondering, it is private -- we can't see if you are using the link or what you are buying -- but we can reap the benefits!!
Many of you are aware of the Amazon Smile promotion. In this situation, you log in through Amazon, but you must select SEVA GRREAT as your charity to receive donations. We do still participate there -- and are grateful for those donations as well -- but the difference is Amazon Smile results in a 0.5% donation versus 4-6%. That's a BIG difference, for one additional click -- through www.adoptagolden.com -- instead of going directly to Amazon. 
If you have an ad blocker turned on or it's just easier; you can also choose to bookmark this link below to shop, and also share with friends. Don’t worry if you are not prompted to select SEVA GRREAT as your charity, as using the link automatically benefits our rescue.
Currently, we are averaging approximately $70 per month from Amazon. Help us make that number grow! Doesn't everyone shop Amazon now for one thing or another?